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Position: Director of Management, Budget & Grants
Close Date:11/29/2019







Under the administrative direction of the City’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), directs and coordinates city-wide management and budget efforts and grants; develops the budget and, identifies budgetary and management improvements in the delivery of municipal services within limited resources; assists the COO in resolving problems associated with operational issues; supervises the conduct of research projects and studies on organizational and procedural problems and practices; directs the grants office and is responsible for grants management and controls; and monitors City management systems.



This position is in the unclassified service and incumbent is appointed and serves at the pleasure of the Mayor accordance with Chapters IV and V of the City Charter.  As an unclassified, non-union employee, you must establish Hartford residency within six (6) months of date of hire and you are required to maintain Hartford residency for the duration of your appointment or as maybe amended by City Charter.  This position reports to the Chief Operating Officer.



Oversees and directs the creation of the City’s annual budget for both the General Fund and for all Grants. Directs the development of the financial Strategic Plan.


Initiates and directs management studies and research projects identifying and solving City departments’ organizational and procedural problems and improving departmental practices.


Reviews and monitors the work performed by different departments using data driven measures. This includes revenues, expenses and the daily operations of City government.


Provides direction and advice to the Mayor’s Office for making key changes in planning of various issues and business decisions.


Plans and directs the conduct of comparative analyses of the management and budgetary practices of other governmental jurisdictions and the City of Hartford.


Supports the COO as mediator for conflict resolution among various departments and in handling team building activities and motivating department heads to give quality performance. Supports the COO in the areas of recognition and coaching/corrective practices to align personnel with the City’s goals.


Oversees and directs the Central Grants Office which provides professional and technical assistance to City departments for all City grants.


Maintains control over spending for all City departments. Oversees and directs the Management and Budget Services staff working with Department Heads to insure their understanding of the compliance with the goals and objectives of the City’s strategic initiatives and annual budget.



Initiates and directs procedures for the control of City revenues and expenditures.


Establishes and directs a performance monitoring system encompassing the General Fund and grant-funded activities focusing on the attainment of goals and objectives within the Financial Management System.


Plans and directs a training program for the professional development of the Management and Budget Services and Grants Office staff.


Performs related work as required.



Knowledge of

  • Advanced principles, practices, and techniques of municipal management.
  • The principles, practices, and techniques of public administration related to the progressive management of state and local governments.
  • City and State laws as they pertain to the powers and practices of the City;
  • Advanced governmental budgetary processes and methods of financial administration.


Ability to

  • Analyze administrative systems and practices, to identify difficult organizational problems and to recommend solutions leading to improved service delivery.
  • Present written and verbal presentations with clarity and logic.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with municipal officials, department heads, employees and the general public.
  • Plan and supervise the work of subordinate staff and to originate and pursue the professional development of subordinate staff members.



Master’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration or a closely related field from an accredited college or university and ten years of increasingly responsible experience in budget development and control.



To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume and a cover letter and salary expectations to humanresources@hartford.gov.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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