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Position: Financial Operations Manager
Municipality:Town of West Hartford
Close Date:6/7/2019

The Town of West Hartford

Announces An

Open Competitive Examination

For the Position of


Financial Operations Manager




Application Deadline:                                                                       Salary Range:

Until a sufficient pool of applicants is received                                    $109,408 - $136,812 (eff. 7/1/16)

Initial review:  Friday, June 7, 2019                                                                           


Job Purpose


Reporting to the Director of Financial Services, the primary responsibility of this position is to manage and supervise the budget, accounting, capital financing, and investment functions for the Town of West Hartford and West Hartford Board of Education. 


Essential Job Functions


·       Responsible for ongoing accounting operations and financial management for all funds in conformance with generally accepted accounting principles including general fund, capital projects fund, trust and agency funds, and special revenue funds.


·       Supervises accounts receivable, payroll system, the maintenance of accurate, timely records and accounts, and the preparation of various reports, monitoring financial results, and year-end payroll and other tax reports.


·       Prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), Official Statement (OS), the Risk Management fund financial report, various other operating statements, and accounting and financial reports.  Responsible for maintaining Certification of Excellence in Financial Reporting for GFOA for CAFR.  Prepares special or extended reports as may be requested by the Director of Financial Services.


·       Assists in the development, production and adoption of the annual Town operating, capital budgets and Special Revenue Funds, including assisting department representatives in developing and reviewing budget requests for conformance with established guidelines. 


·       Assists in the preparation and execution of debt financing and preparation of official statements and credit rating presentations.


·       Responsible for planning and implementing a timely process for completing the fiscal year-end audit, the calendar year pension audits, and Federal and State Single Audits and maintaining effective working relationships with auditors.


·       Performs such management duties of subordinate professional, technical and clerical staff as scheduling, assigning, overseeing and reviewing work.  Establishes and clarifies performance expectations, conducts performance evaluations, facilitates employee development, and makes recommendations on hiring decisions and personnel actions.


·       Applies and administers established personnel policies and procedures, enforces the provisions of collective bargaining agreements, hears and makes decisions regarding grievances, and participates in labor/management conferences.


·       Maintains effective working relationships with representatives of other Town departments, banking institutions, auditors, and consultants from other financial institutions.  Acts as focal point for outside financial reporting and communications.


·       Recommends revisions of financial procedures, forms, account classifications and statements, prepares balance sheets, bond schedules and other financial statements and reports.  Operates the check disbursement system and maintains custody of check stock.  Maintains financial control over subsidiary accounts.


·       Responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining a system of internal accounting controls and ensuring the accuracy of accounting transactions and recordkeeping.


·       Identifies and meets the financial and accounting information needs of various Town departments and other entities, and designs and utilizes various forecasting and planning models including the Capital Financing Model.


·       Makes recommendations to the Director of Financial Services regarding Town short-term and long-term investments and strategies to maximize the Town earnings within acceptable risk parameters and may be delegated full authority for day to day management of the investment program.  Prepares and reviews associated reports.


·       Consults with the Director of Financial Services in planning and organizing for fiscal management.  Manages implementation of division budget by authorizing approved expenditures.


·       May act for the Director of Financial Services when the incumbent is absent and represents the Town and/or the Director of Financial Services as authorized.



Additional Job Responsibilities


·       Evaluates current practices and installs or proposes procedural or organizational changes to the Director of Financial Services.


·       Develops and provides staff training and development to assure proper methods and practices.


·       Promotes a customer orientation in the work group and in the department.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


*       Mastery of the generally accepted accounting principles and procedures for state and local governments, including all pronouncements issued by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).


*       Considerable knowledge of principles, practices and techniques of municipal finance, budgeting, and accounting related to the preparation, execution and monitoring of budgets, capital programs and special revenue funds.


*       Knowledge of municipal finance laws, requirements and procedures.


*       Information technology skills including spreadsheet and data base software and the ability to use complex financial management software to develop and analyze macro’s and financial models.


*       Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinate staff, other Town officials and the general public.


*       Thorough knowledge of accounting theory, principles and practices and their application to a variety of accounting transactions and problems, with particular reference to governmental accounting.


*       Knowledge of laws and regulations governing Town finance administration specifically including GASB and GAAP.


*       Ability to perform complex financial analysis of policy issues and options, long-range projections and financial processes.


*       Ability to analyze and evaluate accounting problems, to develop pertinent financial data in the preparation of reports and statements, and design and implement practical solutions.


*       Ability to develop and analyze proforma, balance sheets, long term financial models, capital financing plans, and make detailed and accurate forecasts.


*       Ability to plan, organize and complete multiple projects with competing deadlines.


*       Ability to create a productive work environment and effectively supervise the work of professional, technical and clerical employees.


*       Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, orally and in writing and the ability to describe and interpret various financial and accounting data to non-financial individuals and the general public in a clear, concise and understandable manner.


*       Ability to prepare and present written and verbal presentations with clarity and logic.



Work Environment


Work is performed primarily in a business office setting subject to occasional interruptions and background noise.  Individual works with a high degree of independence and self-supervision.  Manages and coordinates multiple priorities adhering to established time frames and performance standards. Must be able to work under stress from demanding deadlines and changing priorities and conditions.  Occasional interactions with people to determine needs.  Must be mobile, able to push/pull light objects, occasionally lift objects up to 20 pounds.  Must be able to perform such tasks as writing, filing, typing, using a calculator, and skills which require hand-eye coordination such as using a typewriter or computer.  Must be able to sit for prolonged periods.  Has contact with the employees, representatives of other town departments, members of Town Council, state and federal agencies, banking and other financial services representatives, vendors and the public.  Must be able to concentrate on fine details with occasional interruption, attend to tasks/functions for more than forty-five to sixty (45-60) minutes at a time, remember multiple assignments given over long periods of time, and understand the theories behind several related concepts.  Must be able to communicate in English and be understood clearly; hearing requirements include the ability to effectively interact with customers in person or by telephone.  May be exposed to dust, fluctuations in inside temperatures and electro-magnetic radiation as in computer screens.  Reviews and analyzes computer generated reports and documents.  Attendance required at meetings outside the normal business day on an occasional and usually scheduled basis.



Minimum Qualifications


Master’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Public or Business Administration from an accredited four-year college or university; plus eight (8) years of experience in professional governmental accounting work; at least two (2) years of which should be in a supervisory capacity; or any combination of education and experience deemed equivalent by the Executive Director of Human Resources.  CPA and experience with MUNIS financial system preferred, but not required.


Method of Selection


                                                                                    Weight            Passing Score

Oral Board Examination                                                100%                      70%


The Town reserves the right to limit the number of qualified candidates invited to any portion of the selection process.  Telephone screening interviews may be conducted.  Candidates must achieve a passing score of 70% on the Oral Board examination to have their name placed on the Eligible List for the position.  Candidates’ names will be placed on the Eligible List in accordance with their oral board score.


An individual appointed to this position must satisfactorily complete a one (1) year probationary period.




Application Process


Applications may be accessed on the Department of Human Resources page of the Town of West Hartford website under “Jobs” at www.westhartfordct.gov.  To meet the initial applicant review date, applications should be completed and submitted no later than Friday, June 7, 2019.  Applications will be accepted until a sufficient pool of qualified candidates is identified.






The Town of West Hartford shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, age, sex, national origin, physical disability or sexual orientation.  The Department of Human Resources provides reasonable accommodation to persons with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  If you require an accommodation in the application or testing process, please contact the Human Resources Department.


Equal Opportunity Employer


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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