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Position: Senior Finance Manager/Assistant Finance Director
Municipality:Town of Mansfield, CT
Close Date:5/7/2019

Town of Mansfield

Mansfield, CT


Assistant Director of Finance


Senior Finance Manager


Assistant Director of Finance

Hiring Range:                   $75,803.00 - $87,087.00

Complete Salary Range: $75,803.00 - $98,534.80


Senior Finance Manager

Hiring Range:                   $68,759.60 - $79,042.60

Complete Salary Range:  $68,759.60 - $89,380.00

Please Note: We have one vacancy, the selected candidate will be placed in either the Senior Finance Manager or the Assistant Director of Finance based on their education, training, and experience.


Do you have a passion for all things Finance?  Does working on the UCOA one minute, and then providing advice on a budgetary issue to a manager the next, all the while responding to a vendorís e-mail sound like the type of environment you would thrive in?  Do you want to be a part of a team that is at the core of a multi-million dollar municipal operation? 

If you answered yes to the above, then the Town of Mansfield may have an opportunity for you.

We are currently recruiting for either a Senior Finance Manager or Assistant Finance Director to work in the Department of Finance.  Based on the candidateís qualifications and experiences, you will either be placed in the Senior Finance Manager or the Assistant Director of Financeís position. 

We are looking for a candidate who will be responsible for performing the most complex, professional and administrative work planning, organizing and assisting in directing the Finance Department.  If placed in the Assistant Directorís position, you will have the full authority to act in the absence of the Director of Finance.

What You Should Bring

The ideal candidate for this position will have a passion for all things Finance. Yes, this position will perform the historical transactional Finance work like balancing the books, and reviewing charts of accounts.  However, you will also act as the Business Manager to one of our partner entities, such as the Region 19 School District.  You will be responsible for overseeing payroll, general accounting and have budgetary responsibility for your assigned partner entity.

Senior Finance Manager

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelorís Degree with major course work in finance or public administration with at least three years of experience in finance performing general accounting, payroll and treasury related activities.  Candidates must have experience directly or indirectly supervising staff.

Assistant Director of Finance

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelorís Degree with major course work in finance or public administration with at least five years of experience in a senior financial role performing general accounting, payroll and treasury related activities.  Candidates must have at least five years of experience directly supervisor staff.

Candidates who have a Masterís Degree in a related major and professional certification such as a CPA, CGFM, or a CPFO are highly preferred.


Career Ladder

Career laddering, you may be thinking to yourself, ďWhat does that mean?Ē  That is OK, we will tell you.  As part of the Townís development initiative, we are creating career paths for future growth and development.  For this position, if you start out as the Senior Finance Manager, you will learn the ropes of how the Town does things.  You will supervisor the payroll and accounting staff and learn the Business Manager role.  Once you have a couple years of experience in the position and have obtained professional certification in a couple of areas of Finance, you will be eligible to career ladder to the Assistant Director of Finance.  The Assistant Director of Finance position comes with a higher salary range, and of course more complex work.  You will be a strategic finance officer for the town and will be responsible for developing, mentoring and training Finance Professionals of your own.  We expect all of our Assistant Directorís to be experts in their fields and have gained the knowledge, skills and abilities to step into the role of the Departmental Director when that position becomes vacant.

The Opportunity

This position works in the Finance Office in Town Hall.  This is a 35 hour a week job.  This position is an exempt level position, and while this position is 35 hours a week, we would expect you to get your work done, regardless of the hours required to do them.  That being said, the Town believes in work-life balance and awards compensatory time for exempt employees who work more than 40 hours in a week.

So what can you expect to do in this position?  Here is a listing of some of the responsibilities you will have:

1.     Supervises, mentors, develops and assigns work and projects to departmental staff.

2.     Assists with policy development, internal control development, revenue and expenditure projections and oversight of expenditures.

3.     Plans, organizes, directs various divisions of the department including accounting, payroll, and treasury activities.

4.     Coordinates the annual financial audit and the preparation of the comprehensive annual financial report.

5.     Assists with the preparation of shared service partners annual budgets.

6.     Coordinates and prepares quarterly financial statements which include balance sheets, changes in fund balance, current year actual data and current year estimates and other supplemental schedules.

7.     Coordinates and processes month-end and annual fiscal year closings and rolls adopted budget into the general ledger and balances.


The above is just a listing of some of the awesome work you will get to do for the Town.  You can click on the attachments to this ad to view the full job descriptions. You will have full exposure to all things Finance related, and we want you to ask questions and learn.  During your training, it will be our expectation that you ask questions, evaluate what we are doing based on best practices, and make recommendations for process changes and improvements.  Maybe we are not as fast or efficient at doing something, or maybe we arenít using a best practice.  We will expect you to speak up and let us know.

Finance isnít a field for everybody.  You may be viewed as the money counter, or one of the processes may seem archaic of just there as a burden to our operational departments.  This is where your amazing skills and talent come in.  You will be able to assist staff and leaders to navigate through the various finance and budgetary processes and work on solving some of the organizations more complex problems.

Total Compensation

Did you see the hiring range that we have listed at the top of this ad?  That is what we can offer.  We are a municipal government with a clearly defined compensation and classification structure.  We anticipate to hire at the beginning of the hiring range for this position.  We want to make this clear, as we have had occasions in the past where applicants feel that based on their experience, education, training, we will make an exception to the hiring range.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  We want to be as transparent and open as possible and set realistic expectations for any applicants who are thinking about applying.  We will be hiring this position based on the hiring range.

Besides the compensation, we offer an amazing benefits package.  We offer a choice of PPO or HDHP.  We participate in MERS, a defined benefit plan, and of course we offer a variety of other ancillary benefits such as life insurance, STD, LTD, vision, dental, an amazing wellness program, tuition assistance, and donít forgot those flexible working hours.

Selection Process

So you made it through the ad, and are thinking to yourself, ďI canít wait to apply let me know how!Ē  Well before we get to that, we have some advice for you:

1)    When submitting a resume, DO NOT submit a generic resume.  Tailor it to this job.  Talk about your Finance experience. Have you performed account reconciliation? Have you worked with vendors to negotiate better rates? Have you evaluated a process (such as payroll) and devised a better, more efficient system or process?  Have you managed staff, which includes things like completing their performance evaluations and approving time off.  If you donít tell us what you have done, as it relates to this job, then how are we going to know if you are a good candidate? The best piece of advice we can give applicants is to link their experience to the job functions outlined in the job description.

2)    Think about all of your experiences; including, volunteer, school, previous employment, job shadowing, internships, or other directly transferrable experience.  This is the second most senior position in the Finance Department.  We will be looking for individuals who have experience dealing with executives and working with other departmental leaders.

3)    Donít put an objective statement.  Use that space to address items 1 and 2.

4)    The Town uses the behavioral based interview process for the first interview and panel interviews for both the 1st and Final interviews.  So it would benefit you, if you researched this interview technique. 

5)    For applicants who are applying from out of the area, the Town will use technology for the 1st round interviews, such as Skype or FaceTime.  There is an expectation that you be here in person for the final round of interviews.

6)    DO NOT submit a cover letter.  Read below for instructions on submitting a writing sample instead.

Writing Sample

When applying for this position, we ask that you submit a resume and a writing sample.  The writing sample should be your thoughts and perceptions on this advertisement.  Tell us what you liked and didnít like.  Be honest and direct.  Did we grab your attention? Did we provide enough information? Did we set expectations?  What information would you still like to know that we didnít address? How can we improve this advertisement?  Your writing sample should be in the form of a memo from you to the Director of Finance, with the Subject: Thoughts and Perceptions on Assistant Director of Finance Advertisement.


Ok, so the selection process.  This position will be accepting applications through May 7th, 2019. The process will use the following timeline:

May 7th:                           Position closes.

May 10th:                         Candidates will be notified of 1st Round Interviews

May 16th:                         1st Round Interviews

June 6th:                          Final Round Interviews

June 6th:                          Final Candidate Identified


How to Apply

If you are interested in joining the Town of Mansfield as a Senior Finance Manager or Assistant Director of Finance, please apply online at: www.mansfieldct.org, please click on Job & Volunteer Opportunities.  Be sure to upload a resume (please see above advice on submitting a tailored resume), and the writing sample.  Applicants who do not submit both a resume and the writing sample will not be considered further for the position.  The application deadline is May 7th at 4:30 PM.  The Town of Mansfield is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBT applicants.  The Town is an EEO/M/F/V employer.


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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