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Position: Executive Level Auditor
Municipality:City of Boston
Close Date:10/15/2017

City Auditor
Job Description

The City Auditor is an executive level position for the City of Boston and is appointed by the Mayor. The Auditor serves as Ex-Officio Member of The Boston Retirement System and serves as a Trustee for The George Robert White Fund and the Brown Fund Trusts. The Auditor is also the primary contact and liaison between the City of Boston and the Boston Audit Committee and the Cityís external auditors.

Serving as an advisor and resource to the Chief Financial Officer the Auditor works to ensure effective and efficient management of the Cityís operations; compliance with all relevant laws and regulations; and responsible and transparent financial practices. The Auditor works collaboratively with other members of the Administration to enhance municipal operations, and is an advocate for change building on best business practices in government by promoting accountability, integrity and clarity in the Cityís business operations.

The City Auditor is responsible for planning and directing the financial and fiscal compliance, program, operational, and information technology audits of all City departments and programs. This involves directing a professional staff to ensure adherence to generally accepted accounting principles, governmental auditing standards and federal uniform guidelines, coordinating audits and communicating the results to the Chief Financial Officer and elected officials.
The Auditorís Office acts as the comptroller of the City, establishing policies that serve as rules or guidelines for City departments so that they may conform with regulatory requirements for handling revenue and expenses, and other areas of financial oversight. The Auditor provides guidance and direction to all City Departments on how best to achieve their financial objectives and goals, be compliant with financial regulations and/or meet a specific accounting requirement. The Auditorís Office centrally manages and conducts pre-audits of all City payroll and accounts payable transactions, also serving as the official keeper of the records.

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