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Position: Supervisor of Assessment and Revenue Collection
Municipality:Town of Plainville
Close Date:7/31/2022

T O W N   O F   P L A I N V I L L E




DATE:                        April 2022









Under general direction of the Director of Finance, position performs a range of administrative, technical and managerial duties in management of the Assessorís Office, the annual compilation, auditing and interpretation of the Grand List and the assessment of all new of modified real and personal property in the Town of Plainville, as required and supervises the collection of those real and personal property taxes and other Town revenues by the Revenue Collector.  Acts as the Assessor in duties outlined by the Connecticut General Statutes and Town Charter, including the signing of the Grand List. Plans and directs an annual tax/sewer billing and collection strategy.  Also serves as the municipal aircraft registration official for the Plainville jurisdiction for the State of Connecticut.



Supervises Revenue Collector, Administrative Assistant to the Assessor, Administrative Assistant to the Revenue Collector, Bookkeepers, Office Assistants and other staff as assigned.




  • Supervises the functions of the Assessor/Revenue Office, assigned personnel and facilities.  Provides technical assistance to subordinates.


  • Supervises the collection of monies (this position does not handle any actual money) owed the Town for taxes, interest, liens, sewer assessments, sewer usage charges and other revenue.


  • Evaluates current collection practices and data processing arrangements and prepares procedural or administrative changes.  Provides for public access to public records in a timely and efficient manner. 


  • Oversees the valuation of all property in Plainville.  Personally inspects real and personal property for initial or revised evaluation.  Discovers lists and values all real estate, business personal property, motor vehicles and aircraft within the Town. Prepare and verify assessment lists.


  • Performs necessary investigations of records, transfers and similar data to ensure compliance with appropriate regulations.


  • Ensures that the Grand List is completed in a timely fashion.  Makes arrangements for processing of all Grand List and tax records.


  • Interprets any records, lists, maps, etc. for other Town officials or the general public, as they relate to assessments.  Provides technical assistance, information and assistance to the general public.  Investigates complaints and problems; makes appropriate recommendations for solutions.


  • May hear and make recommendations on grievances filed by employees within the divisions of Assessment and Collection.  Provides assistance, as required, in negotiating collective bargaining agreements.


  • Appears in Court on the Townís behalf in assessment/value or collection cases.


  • May prepare estimates of property values for use by Town staff in the process of Town real estate transactions.


  • Processes and administers all programs and required reports for the state government including elderly, veterans, renters and all valuation reports and reimbursement programs as well as the aircraft and manufacturers program.  Prepares statistical reports for submission to state and Federal governments.  Prepare and maintain all necessary records, maps and other materials as required by state and local statutes.


  • Assists elderly owners/renters with applications for tax relief, as required by statute.


  • Coordinates Assessment and Collection news, promotional releases, tax billing and assessment notification schedules.


  • Prepares annual operating budget, annual report and other required documents for the divisions of Assessment and Collection.


  • Complies with all proper safety procedures and regulations and ensures that everyone in the department follows proper safety procedures and regulations.


  • Treats other employees, and any others with whom there is contact, with courtesy, respect and professionalism.


  • Attend various meetings.


  • Performs related duties as necessary and/or as assigned.


Education and Experience:

Bachelorís degree in business administration, accounting or a closely related field in addition to courses in assessment or collection and related fields.


Certified as a Connecticut Certified Municipal Assessor (or able to obtain such certification in one year).  Municipal Collection certification preferred or ability to become certified as a Connecticut Municipal Collector within five years.





Minimum of six (6) years of progressively responsible experience in the assessment or tax collection field.  Not less than two (2) of those years experience shall be in a supervisory capacity.  Previous experience in a Connecticut municipal assessorís or tax collection office preferred. 


Must possess a valid driverís license.


Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of the laws of the State of Connecticut, assessment law and practices as they apply to municipal assessment and the ability to stay current with changes.  Considerable knowledge of modern theories, principles, methods and techniques for the collection, recording and handling of cash.  Knowledge of local property values and construction costs.


Knowledge of revaluation, assessing practices and administration; knowledge of appraisal and assessment techniques used in determining real estate, personal property and motor vehicle values and with collection of the taxes related to such values; knowledge of listing, measuring and valuation procedures; and knowledge of trends in the real estate market and the local and state economy.


Ability to read and interpret survey maps and legal documents.  Ability to make technical computations and to draw land sketches.  Ability to obtain and analyze data affecting property value and to make impartial and consistent estimates based on such data.


Ability to schedule, assign and supervise work of subordinates.  Demonstrated supervisory, organizational and interpersonal skills essential; ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing; considerable ability to interact with the general public, elected and appointed officials, the Elderly, business professionals, and work with associates.  Ability to handle stressful situations with tact and skill.


Considerable knowledge of computer techniques and their applications in valuation and assessment administration, and collection administration.


Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, other Town officials and the general public.


Ability to supervise the work of administrative support personnel.


Ability to effectively manage agitated individuals.



The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is often required to push, pull and lift light objects less than 20 pounds as in files and computer equipment. 


The employee must possess a range of manual dexterity abilities including performing basic motor skills, simple manipulative skills (e.g., writing and collating), and moderately difficult manipulative skills (e.g., filing, typing, using a calculator, etc.). 


The employee must be able to perform gross body coordination and perform tasks which require hand-eye coordination including keyboard operation, operating hand tools, etc.  The duties of this



position requires the employee to be able to walk, stand and sit for prolonged periods.  The employee must also be able to conduct field inspections including climbing, crawling, etc. 


The employee must also be able to see objects far away as in driving; see objects closely as in typing or reading; able to hear normal conversation with some background noise; able to distinguish and understand voice patterns and verbal instructions; and the ability to speak clearly and with volume.




The mental demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


While performing the duties of the job, the employee will often be required to attend to the same task/function for more than 3 hours at a time depending upon the specific task.  The employee must also be able to concentrate on a broad range of issues/details with interruption.


The employee must be able to remember assignments for multiple tasks required during the work day, a period of several days, and at different parts of the year (calendar/fiscal).  The employee is constantly required to remember assignments and plan and prioritize work of self and others.  Ability to distinguish between public and confidential information and handle it appropriately.


The employee is often required to understand and relate to basic, specific and general instructions generally several at a time as well as the ability to utilize and apply knowledge of practices and principles of work.  The job requires that the employee be able to use knowledge and reasoning to solve routine and complex problems.





The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


The duties of the position often expose the employee to dust and electro-magnetic radiation as in CRTs.  The noise level in the work environment is that of a busy office ranging from moderately quiet during slow periods to moderately loud in times of high activity.


Salary range for this position is between $95,000 - $105,000 and will be based on qualifications, education, and experience. Completed applications and resume should be sent to The Town Hall, c/o Human Resources, One Central Square, Plainville, CT 06062


The above job description is illustrative and not a complete itemization

of all facets of the position.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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