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Position: Finance Director
Municipality:City of Derby
Close Date:11/13/2020

The City of Derby, CT is seeking an experienced financial professional to provide overall administration and management of the financial operations of the City. Duties include, but are not limited to: budget preparation, disbursements, G/L management, oversight of payroll, accounts payable, account reconciliation, oversight of the Capital Plan, medical self-insurance plan administration, revenue collection, grant writing, capital asset inventory and financial reporting and preparation for and management of the annual audit of the City’s financial statements.

Please refence the job description below for the complete duties and responsibilities as per the City Charter. Salary currently $71,000, and appointment is made by the Mayor with Legislative Board approval. Please note the educational requirements.

Submittal Due Date is November 13th, 2020 by Close of Business.

To apply send resumes to abaklik@derbyct.gov


At a minimum, the Finance Director shall possess the following qualifications:

(a). A bachelor's of science degree in the field of business, accounting, finance or such

other related field, and either (1) at least seven years’ experience in the field of finance

or (2) at least five years’ experience as a licensed Certified Public Accountant;


(b). A master's degree in business administration or such other related field, and at least

five years’ experience in the field of finance.


Duties in General

The Finance Director shall be the chief fiscal officer of the City, and the head of the

Finance Department. The Finance Director shall keep, in books provided for that

purpose, accounts of each of the city departments with such city officers as may be

designated by the Mayor, and such other accounts as the ordinances may provide for.

Said Finance Director shall prescribe the form of all accounts and shall keep a separate

account of each item of the appropriations and shall require all orders to state specifically against which

appropriations the order is drawn. Said Finance Director shall not allow any appropriation to

be overdrawn or any appropriations for any other object or purpose to be drawn upon for one object or

purpose or by any department other than that for which the appropriation was made. No order

shall be issued unless sufficient funds to pay the same shall be in the treasury. If said Finance Director

 shall draw any order in payment of any bill, contract or claim in excess of the appropriation properly

made therefor, the city shall not be liable for such excess but said Finance Director shall be personally

liable therefor, and the sureties upon said Finance Director's bond shall be liable therefor to the amount

 of said Finance Director's bond.


Responsibility for processing claims, etc., against city

Each claim or account against the city shall be verified by the oath or affirmation of the

claimant or his/her/its authorized agent, if required by the Finance Director, and also

certified to be correct and due by the officer or Board by whom or under whose

authority the same was contracted if contracted under the authority of any officer or

Board. Such claim or account shall then be transmitted to the City/ Town Clerk who

shall submit the same to the Finance Director. The Finance Director shall carefully

examine the same and upon finding it correct, said Finance Director shall so certify and

submit the same to the Finance Committee for approval. No bill shall be paid until

approved by the Finance Committee in writing. If any claimant shall be indebted to the

city, the Finance Director shall report such indebtedness to said Committee, together

with the claim. Said Finance Director shall number the several claims when approved by

the Finance Committee and enter them in books kept by said Finance Director for that

purpose, and when any such claim shall have been so numbered and entered, the

Finance Director shall draw said Finance Director's order on the Treasurer for the

amount due and prepare a receipt in accordance therewith. No order shall be issued or

delivered in payment of any claim until the same has been countersigned by the Mayor

and by Finance Director or, in said Finance Director's absence, inability or at said

Finance Director's request, by the President of the Board of Aldermen/Alderwomen,

provided, in case of any interest for which the city is legally liable upon its bonds, the

Finance Director may draw said Finance Director's order upon the Treasurer for the

amount thereof, upon which order when countersigned by the Mayor, such interest shall

be paid. When the identity of any claimant is doubtful; such claimant may be required to

make oath or affirmation or furnish other evidence satisfactory to the Finance Director

that said claimant is the person or the legal representative of the person in whose favor

such claim is made.


Monthly financial report.

The Finance Director shall keep a correct account, under the supervision of the Mayor,

of all receipts, and expenditures of the city during each fiscal year in proper books of

account, arranged in such manner and under such heads or departments as to exhibit

accurately and completely the financial condition of the several departments of the city,

and said Finance Director shall report monthly to the Mayor the amount expended up to

the period of such report by each head or department.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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