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Manager of Financial Systems and Payroll (Town of Wilton CT) Closes: 7/31/2022
Director of Finance and Administrative Services (Town of Glastonbury) Closes: 7/31/2022
Economic Development Director (City of Derby) Closes: 7/31/2022
Interim Finance Director (Town of Glastonbury) Closes: 7/31/2022
Director of Finance (Town of Stafford) Closes: 7/31/2022
Director of Finance (Town of Easy Lyme) Closes: 7/15/2022
Accounting Manager/Treasurer (Town of Mansfield) Closes: 7/15/2022
Director of Community Development (City of Norwich) Closes: 7/6/2022
Budget Analyst (Connecticut Office of Policy and Management) Closes: 7/5/2022
Director of Finance (Town of Groton) Closes: 7/5/2022
AR/Finance Assistant (Town of Putnam) Closes: 7/1/2022
Finance Director (Town of Redding) Closes: 7/1/2022
Senior Project Manager (City of Hartford) Closes: 7/1/2022
Part Time Accountant (Town of Windsor) Closes: 7/1/2022
Assistant Finance Director (City of West Haven) Closes: 6/30/2022
City Assessor (City of Waterbury) Closes: 6/30/2022
Assistant Assessor (City of Waterbury) Closes: 6/30/2022
Assessment Analyst (City of Waterbury) Closes: 6/30/2022
Junior Accountant (City of Hartford ) Closes: 6/30/2022

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Archived Job Postings:
Budget & Accounting Assistant (City of Bristol) Closed: 12/9/2021
Assistant Director of Economic Development (City of Hartford) Closed: 12/5/2021
Finance Director (Marlborough) Closed: 11/30/2021
Accounting Associate (Town of Somers) Closed: 11/30/2021
Temporary Finance Director (Town of East Hartford) Closed: 11/30/2021
Deputy Finance Director (City of Derby) Closed: 11/30/2021
Controller/CFO/Finance Director (City of New Haven) Closed: 11/30/2021
Assessor (Town of Wallingford) Closed: 11/19/2021
Deputy Comptroller (Town of Wallingford) Closed: 11/19/2021
Financial Asst. II, Payroll (Town of Groton) Closed: 11/19/2021

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