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Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws 04.04.2021

Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws 04.04.2021

Date March 31, 2021

To:    CT GFOA Members

From: James Finch, NESGFOA Representative

Re:      Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws

I write to provide a brief overview of the attached bylaw amendments for consideration by membership.
The current process for amending the bylaws require the changes to be passed by a majority of the
CTGFOA members present during a regular meeting provided that the changes were presented and
discussed at a previous regular meeting. It is our hope that following this discussion and presentation that
you will act favorably upon these changes at the next regular meeting. (The Annual Meeting on May 20, 2021 at Tunxis) 


While organizations such as our routinely review their bylaws (Last update 2018) these changes were
largely event driven. As a result, Lunda Asmani and I were tasked with focusing on the following areas:
membership, mission statement and more recently the impact of the pandemic on the organization as
well as the board and officer slate.

Recognizing that CTGFOA’s concerns were not unique and that many of the applicants for membership
are local or perhaps regional, we sought to acquire copies of the bylaws and mission statements from the
six New England States, NESGFOA, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our review of these
documents prompted us to suggest the following changes.

Summary of Changes:

Article I. Name and Corporate Identification (Mission Statement):

The mission statement previously described the name and corporate identification. The expanded mission
statement includes a section related to our purpose.

Article II Membership:

The changes related to membership are as follows:

 * An amended definition of associate members.
 * Adds two new membership classifications by creating a classification for student members and
     retired members.
 * The Executive Board of Directors has the sole authority to accept and classify members, reject
     members or terminate members.
 * Changes proposed reflect the added membership classifications and potential dues implications. 

Article VII. General Matters:

The proposed changes create a new section related to emergency powers which would extend the terms
of the board and officers for an additional year pursuant to a declaration of the governor declaring a state
of emergency lasting three (3) consecutive months.

In closing I write to acknowledge the help and support of Lunda Asmani and the CTGFOA board.
Throughout the process the board actively discussed the changes while providing feedback and edits along
the way. I am happy to discuss the amendments at the meeting and look forward to seeing these changes
enacted in the future. 

Addition of Emergency Powers Proposal

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