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GFOA CT Membership Policy
Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws 04.04.2021

GFOA CT Membership Policy

Government Finance Officers of Association of Connecticut, Inc. (“GFOA-CT”) Membership Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors February 5, 2015

I. Policy Statement –
It is the policy of GFOA-CT that each individual person who chooses to enjoy the full benefits of membership in GFOA-CT (including access to the Members Only section of the GFOA-CT website; ability to utilize the GFOA-CT message board; receiving e-mails pertaining to GFOA-CT job postings and events ;and the ability to attend GFOA quarterly meetings at the member rate) must pay annual dues in order to maintain an appropriate membership.

II. Policy Details:

a. A municipality or other organization may not pay one membership fee and attach such membership to multiple individuals.

b. The one exception to the statement in item “a” above applies to a GFOA-CT- sponsored education course. In this instance, an employee of an organization which retains a membership may attend the course at the member rate without having an individual membership.

c. Dues must be current in order to enjoy membership benefits. Non-paying members will lose their membership benefits if dues are not paid by September 15 of each year. Members will be notified of the amount of dues shortly after the Board sets the budget in mid-July.

d. The annual membership period runs from July 1 through the following June 30th. This is consistent with most municipal fiscal years.

e. As GFOA-CT is required to pay the New England States Government Finance Officer Association (“NESGFOA”) a membership fee for each GFOA-CT member by April 30th of each year, any new GFOA-CT membership issued in the months of May or June is valid until the June 30th of the following year.

f. If the membership dues are paid or reimbursed by the individual’s employer, the employer owns the membership. Therefore, if someone leaves their position for any reason after dues have been paid, the employer retains the membership to pass on to the individual’s replacement. In the event that this occurs, the employer shall notify the GFOA-CT membership committee chair of the change as soon as practicable.

g. If an individual or organization has overpaid a membership fee, it is the member’s responsibility to request a refund from the GFOA-CT Treasurer.

h. This policy shall remain in effect until revoked or altered by the GFOA-CT Board of Directors.

Executed this 5th day of February, 2015 by unanimous approval of the GFOA-CT Board of Directors. 

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