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New CPFO Annual Reporting Requirements
National GFOA
March 18, 2021

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Government Finance Officers Association



Hi, thank you for your continued participation in the CPFO program.


This email provides information about:



- The new annual CPE and Engagement Credit reporting requirements for CPFOs

- Annual CPFO Membership Fee

- GFOA Engagement Credit Volunteer Opportunity



New CPFO Annual Reporting Requirements

Starting in 2021, all CPFOs will move to an annual reporting process that includes earning fifteen CPEs and three GFOA Engagement Credits (EC). The updated requirements streamline the reporting and tracking process and acknowledge the dedication of CPFOs to the public finance field.


You can read more details about the new requirements and view a list of qualifying engagement credit opportunities on this page.


You can earn the GFOA Engagement Credits (EC) in a variety of ways, such as



- attending a national or state/ provincial association conference (1)

- belonging to a GFOA networking group (1)

- participating in a GFOA networking webinar (1)

- volunteer as a GFOA award reviewer (2)

- volunteering as a GFOA mentor (2)

- serving on committees with GFOA or a peer association (2)

- serving in a leadership role with GFOA or a peer association (3)

- and many more



The list is a guide for the types of activities that count towards the ECs; it is not a comprehensive list. Activities will continue to be added as they become available or as CPFOs submit them.


If you earn CPEs or ECs from a peer organization, please review this PDF and video tutorial on self-reporting the information. GFOA CPEs and ECs will be tracked for you.



Annual CPFO Membership Renewal Fee

The initial CPFO renewal fee will be postponed until January 2022.


In March 2020, the GFOA board approved the new CPFO policies and procedures, including an annual CPFO renewal fee of $175. The benefits included with the fee will go into effect in January 2022. Information will be emailed to you in the fall about the billing process.


GFOA Engagement Credit Opportunity

To kick off the new requirements, we are seeking volunteers to assist GFOA staff with writing questions for practice exams. CPFOs can earn one EC for developing ten practice questions.


If you are interested in this opportunity, please email me at eroach@gfoa.org. You will be invited to a webinar in April to go over the item writing process. You can review the updated exam content outlines and recommended resources here.


Feel free to contact me at eroach@gfoa.org with any questions


Thank you for your dedication to GFOA and the CPFO program.


Eric Roach

CPFO Program Manager

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