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John Walsh Scholarship Fund
March 3, 2011
    University of Wisconsin
Advanced Government Finance Institute
Madison, WI
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John T. Walsh Fellowship Application

                                Advanced Government Finance Institute

The John T. Walsh Scholarship Fund, funded by GFOA-CT wishes to promote professional development of current, active senior level members of the GFOA-CT, through a fellowship to GFOA’s Advanced Government Finance Institute.  The Institute will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison July 24-July 29, 2011.  This five-day intensive program provides senior level finance professionals the opportunity to analyze long-term finance issues in an academic environment. Past fellowship winners include Alan Desmarais, Glenn Klocko, Bob Curry, Ann Harter, Kate Clarke Buch, Anna Johnson, Jim Finch, Nina Cousins and Tom Hamilton. Participation in the Institute is limited to 50 qualifying individuals nationwide.


For more information on the Advanced Government Finance Institute go to:




·         Acceptance into the Advanced Government Finance Institute.

·         Active membership in GFOA-CT.

·         Applicants should be in a senior level finance officer position



The Walsh Scholarship Fund will pay for the $1,940 Institute fee, which includes tuition, housing, meals, books and sponsored activities. Transportation and other costs will not be covered.



Award will be made to an individual with demonstrated participation in the GFOA-CT organization. Membership on its executive board, standing committees, instructors or other active involvement in GFOA-CT during the applicant’s career in government finance will be considered.  Applications will be limited to senior level finance officers within their respective organizations. 



NOTE: Acceptance into the Institute is a condition of eligibility; applicants must therefore adhere to the following:


  1. Submit the original Advanced Government Finance Institute application along with a cover letter outlining your credentials and demonstrated participation in the GFOA-CT organization no later than March 25,  2011 to:


John T. Walsh Scholarship Committee

c/o Diane M. Waldron

Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Town of Glastonbury

PO Box 6523

Glastonbury, CT  06033


Or via email at diane.waldron@glastonbury-ct.gov



  1. Submit the original GFOA application directly to the above address. Do not submit it to GFOA. Following its review, the Walsh Scholarship committee will forward the winning application to GFOA.


  1. The Walsh Scholarship Committee intends to make its decision by mid April, 2011. It will then forward the top candidate’s application directly to GFOA for their review and action.


  1. Advanced Government Finance Institute applications are available for download at http://www.gfoa.org


The John T. Walsh Scholarship Committee is comprised of William J. Hogan, current Director of Finance in Bloomfield and formerly Hartford and Newington, Catherine S. Boone, former Deputy State Treasurer and William J. Cochran, former Director of Finance with the City of Hartford, and Alan J Desmarais former Director of Finance with the Town of Manchester.  All are former employees of Mr. Walsh.


Questions regarding the JTW Fellowship can be forwarded to:



Diane M. Waldron

Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Town of Glastonbury

PO Box 6523

Glastonbury, CT  06033


Or via email to diane.waldron@glastonbury-ct.gov


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